#MoreShopping : Sudio T2, Google Nest Cam VS Nest Cam Battery, Whiteline Anti-Roll Bar Kit GT86/BRZ

Det jag visar i videon är

** Sudio T2

Unboxing : Sudio T2 Hörlurar + Rabattkod ”SirPierreT2”


Rabattkoden är ”T2Pierre”.
Den ger er 15% rabatt på hela deras sortiment.


** Google Nest Cam (Outdoor eller Indoor | Batteri)


** Google Nest Cam | inomhus | med kabel



** Whiteline Front & Rear Anti-Roll Bar Kit Subaru BRZ & Toyota GT86 2012-2019

Engineered to ’Activate More Grip’, BSK020 is a packaged solution designed to improve performance and enhance the driving experience of your vehicle. Boasting a 22mm 2 point adjustable front Anti-Roll bar and 16mm 3 point adjustable rear Anti-Roll bar, the kit is completed with high quality Anti-Roll bar links and mounting accessories that ensure optimum performance and ease of installation. Achieve perfect balance and precise tuning with this Whiteline Anti-Roll Bar Kit.


** Whiteline Positive Shift Kit – Gearbox Mount Bushing Insert – Subaru BRZ And Toyota 86

Important Notes: Positive Shift Kit – Faster Shift Response

Bang For Your Buck! Whiteline’s Positive Shift Kit inserts into the factory gearbox mount and results in a greatly improved shift feel and response by reducing the compliance of the heavily voided factory mount.

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