StockX vs GOAT – Del 3

Nu ska vi slippa bli överraskande med kostnader när vi shoppar från GOAT.

Nu gör de som StockX, bättre sent än aldrig i guess.
Det betyder att vi får veta hela kostnaden direkt med moms, tull osv.


Introducing a better experience with GOAT. Shipping has been reduced and list prices now include taxes and import duties. What you see is what you pay.
Shop in your local currency and update your preferences at any time.
Globally sourced, locally priced. We now prioritize the best price based on your shopping region and the seller’s location.
Duties are now prepaid. Pay once, with no extra fees on delivery.



Så ja, jag kommer att testa dem igen bara för att.


StockX vs GOAT – What’s best if you live in Europe? Pros and Cons


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