Air Jordan Sneakers Soap


The Air Jordan Sneakers Soap is scented with plum. When you’ve finished with the soap, a tiny collectible sneaker will remain.

Available in four sneaker styles: Carmine, Fire Engine Red, Concord and Bred.

These pop culture soaps are a beauty essential … with attitude.

A moisturizing glycerin bar that is safe for both humans and dogs, Come Clean Soap is safe to use as a hand or body soap for people and also a ‘shampoo’ bar for pets.

Inspired by pop culture, street style fusion and the stories that shape our lives. Stay fresh, get dirty and have fun!

This pure glycerin soap is all natural, kosher, vegan and contains no parabens. It is gentle, non-irritating and rinses easily.

Colors may vary slightly, as all soaps are produced in small batches.

Ingredients and soaps handmade in Canada.

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