What is a Hypebeast?


1. Sneakerheads who only rock hyped up shit to get props b/c they got no self worth or sense of style.
2. 50% of NikeTalk members
1. Yo, check out my matching supreme cap, bape hoody, bape jeans, and bape kicks.
2. You fuckin hypebeast.

A hypebeast is a slang for someone who is a beast (obsessed) about the hype (in fashion), and will do whatever it takes to obtain that desired hype. The term is meant to be derogatory by ridiculing of such with a lack of style. Hyped up brands sell their products for a price more than the average clothing company and can be seen re-sold along the internet for a price much greater than retail due to the fact that it is either exclusive, or somewhat limited. Yes, even when it was worn.

Many brands include Supreme, Bathing Ape, Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream, OriginalFake, and many more related to streetwear. Hypebeasts buy their clothes for the logos and brand-name and completely ignores the fact if they personally like the item or not. In general terms, they just buy whatever the brand puts out and dresses to impress others by what brand-name he/she is wearing.

Hypebeasts are very much into sneakers such as Air Jordans and Nike Skateboarding. These shoes are not found in malls and closely resembling areas due to the fact that they are limited. These are bought from others and can range from $100 up to $5,000. And yes, even if they were worn.

Not all people who wear the brands above are hypebeasts (with some exception of course). People do enjoy wearing items from these brands for the sake of the item itself and actually puts forward an effort to wear a good outfit; rather than having logos with god-awful mismatches.

Hypebeast 1: Hey did you see the new Fall catalog for Supreme? Stuff looks crazy good!
Hypebeast 2: Yeah definitely man, I really love that purple NorthFace x Supreme windbreaker, looks so dope!
Hypebeast 1: Word is that those are going for $400, damn! I just recently bought some Air Yeezy’s in Black/Pink for $850 off a guy in eBay so I don’t have any funds. But what a fucking steal! The guy only wore these like six times.
Hypebeast 2: Dude that is such a good deal but I’m definitely copping those windbreakers man, $400 is so worth it. And only 50 pairs worldwide? I’m sold!
Hypebeast 3: Yo you guys, I just copped a shit load of stuff this week and it all came in today. Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Coin Pouch for $450, TI$A Chicago Bulls Snapback for $120, OriginalFake shirt for $85, and I got these Nike SB City Series Londons for $1,200. Swag! *Cooks*
Hypebeast 1 & 2: Damn son.
A person who follows a trend to be cool or in style.
A person who wears what is hyped up.

Look at my hypebeast status supreme dunks, supreme sweater, supreme hat and mathing jeans.  

Everyone is a hypebeast. You wear the clothes you wear becasue you think someone will notice it, and think it is nice. And that itself will determine what you think is nice. Everyone including me, the person writing this definition, is a hypebeast.
1) I am a hypebeast.

2) You are a hypebeast.

A stuck-up, self-centered young person who only wears hyped up streetwear brands including Stussy, Crooks & Castles, Orisue ect. Hypebeasts are often sneakerheads with a generic sense of style that often entails wearing neon colored sb dunks paired with new era fitted hats and god awful all over print hoodies and jeans so tight that they cut off the wearer’s circulation to the brain. Hypebeast fashion sense is loosely based on the classic urban fashion sense of the 90s & 80s. But these hipster streetwear kids always O.D. on retro style. How are you gonna be born in 1991, and dress like you are a teenager in 1984? Most hypebeasts get their carbon-copied style from magazines like Complex and online forums dedicated to such streetwear.

Hypebeasts usually live in and around the urban centers of Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and D.C. However, many cities across the country including Baltimore, Philly and the rougher boroughs of NYC (i.e. Brooklyn) maintain their distinct local urban style which differs greatly from the semi-homosexual hypebeast style. Since many hypebeasts hail from soft, posh suburban environments, they would probably get stomped the fuck out by twenty different pairs of Timberland boots and Air force 1’s if they dare tread in the ghettos of such cities.

Although hypebeasts come from all different racial backgrounds, more often then not, most hypebeasts are Filipino or some other type of Asian because most of the hypebeast fashion brands were founded by Asians from California (i.e. Crooks & Castles, The Hundreds and LRG). This is a very recent social phenomenon because back in the 90s, urban fashion was usually strictly worn by blacks, latinos and certain whites who actually lived in urban areas.

Those hypebeast kids sitting at that table over there think their the shit. But their style is so homo. All of those short pussy mawfuckers would get beat the fuck up if they took a trip to say … North Philly, Jamaica, Queens, West Baltimore or anywhere that was a real ghetto. 


Alright so this is basicaly what a hypebeast is:

1. A hypbeast is a person who collects underground trends such as stussy, The Hundreds, Huf, Supreme, etc. And maybe also be a person who is a shoe head, and collects Nike Sb’s.

2. Hypbeasts Live in urban/Suburban places such as NYC, Bay Area, and a few places in Honolulu.

3. A lot of Hypebeasts skate, but are to scared to skate in there Sb’s because of fear that they might crease or damage them. So after doing a trick, Hypebeasts might stop after doing a trick and wipe off dirt off their shoes.

4. Hypebeasts also wear bright retro colors such as neon colors like orange light blue and Purple.

Note: Purple is a HYPEBEAST color.
Hypebeasts where PURPLE too much. thats like there national color.

Det har blivit lite mycket hat mot Hypebeasts. 
Egentligen så är en Hypebeast “Sneaker/street versionen av en Hipster”
En renligare verison av en hipster så som vi ser på en hipster i dagens benämning. 
Eller som vissa vill påstå.. Steget efter en Hipster eftersom en hipster gillar saker innan det är inne.. Och en Hypebeast gillar saker PRECIS när det är inne.
Men jag måste säga.. Det där om lila.. Hade jag INGEN aning om.. NU skäms jag nsätan över att jag gillar lila så mycket..

Men det kan ju inte stämma.. Det är ju ändå en rätt så ovanlig färg. 

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