Nattens Notiser : Torra ögon efter hjärnskakning

Som jag har berättat flera gånger så har jag torra ögon, året om.
Såpass torra att jag alltid (utan ögondroppar) är rödögd och ibland även har ont i ögonen.
Jag har bara tagit för givet att detta är pga mina allergier och sömnbrist.

Men nu får jag veta att det OCKSÅ kan bero på mitt Post Commotio, som fortfarande bråkar till och från, främst under alla sorters stress.



”Dry Eyes- Do you ever experience dry eyes? Did you know that this seemingly minor annoyance can actually exacerbate your brain injury symptoms? Dry eyes actually impact our ability to interpret information


Dr Deborah Zelinsky is one of the leading experts on the connections between the eyes and the brain, particularly following brain injury. She has studied how experiencing dry eyes actually disrupts the ability to process the information sent from our eyes to our brains. This overworks our brains and drains our cognitive reserve (aka our brain battery.) This elicits all of our cognitive symptoms which occur when we get overwhelmed and tired


Zelinsky explains that dry eyes are actually quite a common phenomenon following brain injury. She says that if you are experiencing this after brain injury, be sure to address it with your doctors. Eye drops can be used frequently, if your doctor finds it appropriate. For more information on Debroah Zelinksy and her methods, check out her website The . Her methods are also discussed in the extremely helpful book “The Ghost In My Brain: How a Concussion Stole My Life and How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Helped Me Get It Back” by Clark Elliot.”

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