Guide : How to repair/fix C4 Corvette door panels 1990-1996

Jag samlar lite videos som visar hur man åtgärdar ett rätt vanligt problem på dessa bilar där plasten blir mjukare /spricker med tiden.




The 90-96 panels have a common issue where they do not stay attached to the door at the upper rear edge. We receive many calls about this issue, and have seen many different solutions to the problem on many of the cars that we have had. The problem occurs when owners close the car door by grabbing on the upper back edge of the panel, or by closing the doors too hard.  This weakens the panel over time, and the supporting structure ribs on the backside of the panel will develop cracks.

1990-1996 Door panel backside ribs


Once these cracks occur, the door panel will be able to flex off of the top lip of the door structure, which is needed to hold the panel on tightly to the door. While many fixes are possible, one of the more successful fixes we have seen in panels is when owners have drilled holes in the ribs on the back of the panel, above and below the existing crack, and then secure the crack together by applying zip ties through the drilled holes. Then, in addition to this, add small “L” pieces of metal to a few of the bolts at the top inside of the door shell.  The zip ties will prevent that panel from flexing off the top lip of the door, and the “L” pieces add a little more material for the panel to catch on the door shell.  These fixes are not visible at all once installed. 


1995 corvette door panel removal and installation with hidden window problem


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