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** Det jag saknas från att bli kallad för en Car-Collector är bara ett garage där de alla är samlade.

** Den Cobran är ju nästan ovärderlig..
Och det är också ett Ladyfynd mer eller mindre!

** Så ja! En ÄKTA original Cobra och en äkta modern Cobra!
Så perfekt!


evo Däcktest – Sportdäck & R-Däck

Jag länkar till hela reportagen längst ner.


Michelin Pilot Sport 4S – winner

Delivers the steering feel, grip and instant response in the dry of a true performance tyre and uniquely combines this with good performance in the wet. Not cheap but if you want to get the best out of your high-performance car in all conditions, this is the one.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric 3 – 2nd

Rated best in the wet; dealt with the tricky wet handling track in a calm, exploitable and effective way it. Scored well enough everywhere else but, like the Dunlop, lacks the crispness of steering and response to engage and reward in the dry.

Dunlop SportMaxx RT2 – 3rd

Ran the Goodyear close for second with best results in wet handling, aquaplaning, and rolling resistance. Not as direct and connected as the best in the dry, though, reflected in lap times and subjective scores. Feels more like an all-rounder than a sporty tyre.

Continental  SportContact 6 – 4th

If you’re looking for a tyre that excels in the dry and will make your car feel keen and precise, this is a great choice. Fastest and best-rated on the dry track, and felt sportiest on the road. The downside is that in the wet it was off the pace and tricky.

Falken Azenis FR510 – 5th

Scored competitively in the measured wet and dry tests, especially wet braking, and was closer to the pace on the wet and dry handling circuits. Felt reasonably exploitable and grippy in the wet but in the dry lacked a direct, connected steering feel.

Toyo Proxes Sport – 6th

The least expensive tyre and it brought up the rear in many tests, though was rarely a long way off the pace. Scored well in the wet, especially in aquaplaning, but was less good in the standard braking tests. Didn’t feel great, though, rarely feeling hooked into the surface.  

Läs hela reportaget här.
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Track tyres from £65 – £85

Federal 595 RS-R

Prices: from £65
Width: 195-285mm
Diamterer: 15-18in

Suitable for both road and track, the RS-R has been designed to give high levels of adhesion along with wet-weather abilities and resistance to aquaplaning. MSA-approved for competition use.

Nankang Sportnex NS-2R

Prices: from £65
Width: 175-265mm
Diamterer: 13-18in

A control tyre for many championships, the NS-2R is available in three different compounds. Road legal, and designed specifically for both wet and dry use, it makes a good all-rounder.

Toyo Proxes R888R

Prices: from £85
Width: 185-315mm Diamterer: 13-20in

A thoroughly updated version of the popular R888, it offers better grip, response and feedback. MSA approved but not suitable in wetter conditions due to aquaplaning risk.

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Track tyres from £90 – £125

Yokohama Advan A048R

Prices: from £90
Width: 165-255mm
Diamterer: 12-18in

Designed to deliver precise control and predictable grip in dry conditions. Can be used in the damp but there is an aquaplaning risk in the wet. Three different compounds for different cars and uses.

Kumho ECSTA V70A

Prices: from £105
Width: 175-335mm
Diamterer: 13-18in

The control tyre for a number of championships, the V70A comes in three compounds and Kumho says it offers superior wet and dry handling characteristics. MSA approved.

Avon ZZR

Prices: from £122
Width: 185-265mm
Diamterer: 13-18in

The updated ZZR has a new compound and construction aimed at ultimate dry-weather performance (though it’s less effective in the wet than Avon’s ZZS). MSA approved.

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Track tyres from £125+

Dunlop DZ03G

Prices: from £125
Width: 185-295mm
Diamterer: 14-18in

The DZ03G has been a control tyre in many championships, but is also road legal. Two compounds are vailable; both offer strong performance in the dry but can suffer from aquaplaning in the wet.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2

Prices: from £140
Width: 215-245mm
Diamterer: 17-21in

Designed for the circuit but homologated for the road, the Cup 2 has reinforced shoulders to slow wear and increased tread depth to delay the onset of aquaplaning. MSA approved.

Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R

Prices: from £225
Width: 205-325mm
Diamterer: 15-21in

Updated dry-weather track tyre for high-end sports cars, with better wear characteristics than the original Trofeo and an increase in stability and lateral grip. Road-legal but not designed for wet use.


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