Medicom Toy‘s Michael Jordan 1985 Rookie Jersey and 1992 Team USA BE@RBRICKs

Oh damn!

Detta måste ju bli min första 1000& BE@RBRICK!

Men dessa kommer att vara så så eftertraktade..

De kommer i de vanliga 3 storlekarna, 100% / 400% och 1000%, och det är ju den stora som jag vill ha, 85 Rookie Jersey.

Säljer Caliroots fortfarande BE@RBRICK´s?
Det nya hemsida och sökmotor är VÄRDELÖS så jag vet inte.


Released during Spring/Summer 2022, Medicom Toy‘s Michael Jordan 1985 Rookie Jersey and 1992 Team USA BE@RBRICKs are arriving on HBX in a 100% and 400% set as well as a 1000% version.

As the name infers, the BE@RBRICK Michael Jordan 1985 Rookie Jersey nods to MJ’s beginnings with Chicago Bull as a rookie player. Colored in gold chrome, the BE@RBRICKs come dressed in the Chicago Bulls’ signature red home jersey from the 1985 season. Details such as the coveted OG Jordan 1 Chicago‘s and the black sweatband on the left arm, which MJ wore throughout his career, are featured.

While the BE@RBRICK Michael Jordan 1992 Team also sees a metallic gold exterior, it tributes to the basketball legend’s iconic appearance at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona seven years later and the Dream Team’s remarkable moment of victory as they took home the Gold medal. Like MJ in 1992, the figurines wear a white number 9 Team USA Olympics jersey and a white sweatband on the left arm. Completing the outfit are a pair of silver Olympic Jordan 7’s.

The BE@RBRICK Michael Jordan 1985 Rookie Jersey and 1992 Team USA in 100% & 400% and 1000% are now available on HBX.


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