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Detta var bara lite för roligt för att inte dela med mig =)


Det är en som har kommenterat under min video om Air Jordan 4 Bred, där jag säger att skorna är lite längre och lite smalare än vanligt (vilket alla andra också säger)


Thinking about passing and info is contradicting you say they narrow but you can go down a size that makes no sense narrow jordans you supposed to go up half a size just to be safe not down half a size so how do you compare the sizing to the concords or infareds
As I say in the video, I have wide feet, I always say that Jordans are narrow, these are more narrow than Leather 4s, and they are long. 11s are true to size.
@SIR_Pierre when you say true to size you mean your size on the scale when its measured cuz people say true to size but they always go up a half a size from they size on the foot scale when its measured
True to size means that they fit like a Nike shoe in your size should fit. Like an Air Force 1 for an example.
@SIR_Pierre no Jordan’s fit like air forces ones but I get it air force ones run wide and big only Jordan’s that fit like air force 1 are maybe 10s and 7s cuz they wide with plenty of room in the front Jordan’s are known for being narrow if I decide to get these iam going up a half a size everyone is complaining about how they fit is being pitched on the sides of the lower laces
christopher hall
Lamo this video title, how you present the shoe and i.e. the 3’s are the first to feature the air bubble.
Josh Stronberg
bronx bully you’re being very complicated my man 😂.. he’s simply saying that from a width standpoint they feel narrow.. but they run long in length.. so that if u have narrow feet you might consider going down half a size and still being ok.. no need to get all worked up