Ronnie Peterson – SuperSwede

THIS IS THE LAST VIDEO. More on that later, but first – Ronnie Peterson, a Swedish talent, is often overlooked and underrated nowadays, as he never had a proper chance to fight for the championship. But people who witnessed his era, know the real story. And legends like Emerson Fittipaldi or Mario Andretti were very much aware of his raw speed and driving ability and will always remember him as the one who was supposed to be not just a world champion, but also one of the greats. He popularized Formula 1 in his home country and brought the sport there and despite he missed a chance to win his home Swedish GP, he finished on a podium twice, for the delight of local fans. Due to the many technical failures he didn’t take as many wins and podium as he should have, but like Ayrton Senna or Graham Hill, he proved his mesmerizing talent on the streets of Monaco, giving Colin Chapman a lot of reasons to smile. He loved every single moment in the car and never missed a chance to have a good laugh. One of the true gentlemen of the sport, who always honoured the team agreements, who was taken away too soon from this world.

This was the last challenge for me, I wanted to do something from the 70s what is not so popular and quite rare. It was a very different but an amazing experience and a great fun to watch hours and hours of footage. But it was for the very last time. In order to preserve this YouTube channel I have decided to stop making F1 edits. It is the best to end now on a high note, than to wait and try the luck and to see this channel being taken down. It has been a great time and I appreciate all your kind words. There are so many people who deserve a big thank you for the constant support but I don’t want to forget to mention someone, but I will remember you and never forget. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my work over the years and thank you for watching, you are the best fans. I will focus on chasing my dream and maybe one day I’ll be doing these F1 videos for some TV, that’s the plan! And I will stay active on this channel through comments and messages.

And remember – Life is about passions