Dagens Dilla : J Dilla – Certified

J Dilla – Certified (Instrumental)

Ett beat som passar alla åldrar..

Användes av Guru i denna låten

Guru feat Bilal – Certified


Härligt.. Bouncy =)

Och det bästa av allt… Samplingen…
Låten J Dilla hörde.. Och bestämde sej för att göra en hit utav..

Klaus Wunderlich – Sugar Me/Standing In The Road



Waajeed: Another one of those records which is un-fucking-believable. An unbelievable loop. I think the two of us had different ideas of beat-making. He had been through a lot of sample [clearance] issues. Stuff was cleared for the large part, some wasn’t. And kinda by me coming in a little later, I saw that shit and was like, “Man, I ain’t loopin’ shit! I want to try to get some fuckin’ bread, I wanna try to see some royalties, you know what I’m sayin’? I want some ASCAP checks to be poppin’. I don’t wanna fuck around with them loops.” And I also considered loops lazy beat-making. But once again [I was] proven wrong. It’s not lazy beat-making. It’s really a matter of if something’s not broken, why try to fix it? And that loop is one of those things. It’s like how could you make that [sample] better by chopping it up or trying to disguise it? Trying to be a cheap ass, you know what I’m sayin’? [laughs] It’s like, yo, let that shit run, man. Let that shit run. That’s one of those beats where it’s like, again, we’re sittin’ around listening to beats, and I just had to give it to him. I was like, “Aight, man, I see where you going with this loop thing, I understand it now.”

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