Are You A Psychopath?


score 91%

You can play hardball with the best of them! You know what you want and are not afraid to go for it – even if it means bending the rules occasionally and putting a few noses out of joint on the way. Nothing fazes you. You are decisive, self-confident and pretty much up for anything. You are a ‘means-to-an-end’ person. For you, it’s not necessarily a matter of right or wrong, but of what gets the job done. ‘Bring it on’ is your mantra, but to help those around you keep their heads, you should learn some tricks to help you temper your self-satisfying tendencies…



Äh detta var enkelt.. Och inget nytt.. Jag har ett par intyg på att jag är psykopat sen jag var.. Hmm.. Det första riktiga intygen kom nog då jag skulle ha mönstrat inför lumpen..

Men.. Jag ser inget fel i det… Jag har ett helt gäng andra “symptom” som man kan stämpla mej med.