Surpeme x Nike Air Force 1 ‘NYCO’ Capsule Collection

The Nike Air Force 1 first released in 1982 has often been described as the greatest and most influential sneaker of all time. Named after the U.S. Presidential plane, the Nike Air Force 1 was the first basketball shoe to contain Nike Air technology in the sole. One kid at a time, one community at a time, the Nike AF1 went worldwide, with infinite iterations, collaborations and customizations that helped define an entire culture of enthusiasts. 30 years on, the Nike AF1 remains the pinnacle of street, sport and culture.
Supreme has joined Nike to release a new version of the Air Force 1. Made exclusively for Supreme, the sneaker features authentic NYCO fabric that is traditionally used to produce military outerwear. NYCO fabric is highly durable and water resistant. The Nike Air Force 1 will be available in three colorways.

Släpps den 15e har jag för mej..
Kanske bara hos Supreme.. = Kamma dej

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  1. Availability will arrive through Supreme’s New York, Los Angeles, London and online store beginning November 15. Japan doors will see a drop on November 17

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