Dagens Fråga

  • Alla dessa människor som lägger ut FLERA bilder varje dag på dem när de tränar..
    Min enda fråga är.. Vem tar alla dessa bilderna??
    Har det ALLTID med sig en personlig fotograf när de tränar!?


Simple. Clean. Achromatic. This is the color white. It is the essence of elegance through simplicity—of unadulterated toughness. It was this singularity of spirit that inspired G-SHOCK to create its Whiteout color theme. One tone, one energy, three timepieces: The Whiteout Collection.

Ryan Babenzien, founder and head designer for luxury footwear leader Greats, teamed up with G-SHOCK to create a custom pair of Whiteout kicks and matching G-SHOCK timepiece. For Babenzien, it’s a collaboration that’s been a long time in the making. “I’ve had G-SHOCKs in my life since I was a kid,” he says, “since G-SHOCK really came out.” And when the Whiteout project was presented to him, Babenzien immediately responded to its embodiment of “durability, classic, longevity”—all the elements that G-SHOCK and Greats have in common.

The result of this partnership is a custom designed pair of Greats’ PRONTO kicks, featuring metallic silver accents and other tastefully imbued highlights that exemplify the Whiteout motif, as well as the individual aesthetics of both G-SHOCK and Greats. “To me, that’s what great collabs offer,” Babenzien says, “a compliment, not a sameness.”

To celebrate this venture, G-SHOCK will be hosting a gallery viewing of the Greats Whiteout Pronto as well as G-SHOCK’s new trio of Whiteout timepieces at the G-SHOCK SoHo store in New York City (454 W. Broadway). These epic exemplifications of monochromatic toughness and technological savvy will be on full display for all to experience. So, there’s only one thing to do: Go towards the white.



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En vit G-Shock måste man bara ha..
Jag vet inte vad skillnaden är på dessa nya och de förra helvita..
Är de kanske lite glansiga?
Jag vill ha en iallafall .