Your Favorite Rappers on MF DOOM

MF Doom kan vara den ultimata rapparen…

Okänd… Kan fortfarande leva sitt vanliga privatliv.. Och ÄNDÅ så släpper han musik under andra pseudonymer.. Bara för att.
RIKTIGT smarta rhymes..
FORTFARANDE underground och “äkta”… Fortfarande underskattad samtidigt som han är älskad av ALLA!

Här är vad några av dom andra stora artister tycker om MF Doom

MF Doom wallpaper



Mos Def

He rhymes as weird as I feel. When I saw that Madvillain record, I bought it on vinyl, and I didn’t even have a record player. I bought it just to stare at the album. I stared at it and I just kept going, “I understand it.” Cause you know I was a teenager growing up listening to [John Coltrane’s] Love Supreme and [Miles Davis’] Bitches Brew and [Charles Mingus’] The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, but I was also rhyming.




Ghostface KIllah

[Favorite thing] about DOOM? He can rhyme, he just got a good ear for music and he can rhyme well too. He’s a great artist. He’s like me in a way, very creative. I like creative people.


Han och MF DOOM ska släppa en skiva ihop nästa år!



Jay Electronica

Somebody tell MF DOOM let’s make a fuckin album


WOW… Så grymt det hade varit.. DOOM och Jay Electronica!!!!  SNÄLLA gör något ihop!!!!




I’ve also been wanting to get with MF DOOM; I don’t know what that’s gonna take, trying to get with him before the album is done. [DOOM and Jay Electronica] might be my favorite” – Nas speaking on Untitled, which featured Electronica but not MF DOOM)



Danny Brown

I never knew you could make an entire album without hooks and have it sound that good. He broke the rules of songwriting. That album broke rules to me. I’m all about that. That album showed me that music has no rules. Before that I thought you needed 16 bars and hooks to make a good song. I listened to that album and it clicked. Then I could listen to his old shit and get it.



Peanut Butter Wolf (Stones Throw founder)

When MF DOOM did the album with us, he ended up recording some stuff in the bomb shelter, and he liked it so much that he always wanted to record everything there, even though he can go to big studios now. He loves the bomb shelter. We would get him a hotel, a real nice hotel in Beverly Hills, and he would stay over at our house and be recording in the bomb shelter, and he would just sleep on the floor. He’s basically a humble person, still. He hasn’t let his success change him in that way.

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