Your Sex Life Explained in 25 GIFs

When your best friend hooks up with your ex.

When the hot girl turns out to be awful in bed.


When her best friend takes her away because “She has to go home.”


When the condom breaks.


When she just won’t leave the next morning.

When she says you don’t have to return the favor.


When you get her off.


When your girlfriend says “Thank you, based god!” after sex.

When your girlfriend finally finishes her period.

When you imagine your parents having sex.

When your girlfriend tries to stick a finger in your ass.

When your girlfriend finds porn on your computer.


When your girlfriend doesn’t return the favor.


When you get cockblocked by your best friend.


When your girlfriend proposes a threesome.


When a girl tells you, “I never do this kind of thing.”

When you find out that your friend hooked up with your sister.


When you find out that your archnemesis has slept with her too.


When your friend finally gets with the girl of his dreams.

When you finish too fast.

When she pulls a move you’ve only seen in porn.

When the pregnancy test comes back negative


When you wake up next to the person you really wanted to go home with


When you wake up next to someone you don’t remember going home with.


When you’re friend tells you about his new girlfriend and no one’s touched your penis in six months

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