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18 year olds..
you show up, and others ask if it is your daughter, meeting your mail friends induces all kind of comment, and the female comment you are a peddo bear, in midlife crises, or even worse they call you craddle snatcher.

Girls your age (well, your mileage may vary)

Appart from wanting a better car, they want you to have a better career, and they stuff it in your nose, how your equal aged friends have succeded much better, and they have a house, kids, dog and all the other Paraphernelia.
Or her biological clock is ticking like bloody Big Ben, and all you hear is talk about babies.

Older Women.

Might make more money, and lets you know..
You might be used as a boytoy, and if you are all right with that, then bear in mind that some day, a younger stud will show up and take your place to satisfy her sexual drive.
They also carry some serious bagadge from previous relationships, and tend to project bad behaviour of their previous partners on you. Appart from the fact that you get to hear about all of them and what loosers they where, and how she nurtured them and sacrificed her body and youth for them. Then there are the kids, and if no kids, then there is often a deep dark secrete why there are non.

Any way you cut it, its damn it if you do, damn it if you dont, damn it anyway ;o)

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