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Dagens Kap : 36 Chambers $10k Duffel Bag

Alla vet ju att du köper en duffel bag bara för att bära dina kontanta pengar, och här erbjöd 36 Chambers en perfekt och smidig lösning för dig som behöver kontanter.

Du köper väskan för $10,000.00, och sen så levererar de väskan till dig i en bepansrad bil, MED 10 000 usd i kontanter!

JA! Du betalar med ditt kort, och sen får inte bara kontanter levererat till dig i fräscha 1 dollar sedlar, utan du får hemkörning och väskan gratis!

Tyvärr så var detta erbjudandet limiterat till 3 kunder bara, och de gick åt snabbt.


We regret to inform you that his product is now sold out. To view our other bags, click here.Use the code (valid through April 5th), ”10k” for 15% off any of our in stock bags.

Our $10k Duffel Bag is truly worth every penny. While some companies have insane markups, our latest release is meant to give you value that lasts, well, lasts as long as you would like it to last.

Each bag (MSRP $10,000) comes with a pile of 10,000 $1 dollar bills inside. The arrangement is meant to provide efficiency for the user in a variety of use cases. You can go to the dollar store with your bag and buy 10,000 items. Or you can use the paper to make 10,000 origami cranes. Don’t forget, after you spend your money, you still have a bag!

Only 3 of these bags will be produced. We are only able to ship the bag with U.S. dollar bills at this time. The bag is waterproof to protect your bills from getting wet. Please contact support@36chambers.com if you would like the bag to be delivered in an armored truck.


  • Waterproof Construction
  • 1200 Denier Cordura
  • Metallic Gold YKK Zippers
  • Custom Woven Jacquard Liner


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