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10 Reasons Why You Should Own a Luxury Watch

Behöver man verkligen 10 anledningar? 😉

10 Good Reasons to Buy Watches

Reason #1) Watches Create Opportunity – People will react more favorably to you when you are wearing a nice looking watch. It changes the way people see you.

Reason #2) Women like watches, which means that they like men who wear watches. I know from experience. Lol.

Reason #3) For Investment Reasons. This is a very important reason. Buying the right quality watch usually means that, in the worst case, the value of your investment is preserved. In most cases, these kind of luxury watches will gain value over time, sometimes even more than stocks.

Reason #4) Watches Enhance Your Style. Whether it’s your outfit or look, luxury watches will enhance it.

Reason #5) Get You More Respect. Just try it during your next important business meeting. See what effect does wearing a nice wrist watch has on the outcome of your next meeting!

Reason #6) Watch Collecting is a Great Hobby. From lower end watches to the more expensive high end models, collecting watches is a lot of fun.

Reason #7) Watches are Great Topics of Conversation. Try it during your next party or social event!

Reason #8) Watches will Make You More Money. They are deal closers.

Reason #9) Luxury Watches are Status Symbols

Reason #10) A Wristwatch is Art on Your Wrist. The more you get into watch collecting, the more you’ll appreciate the art of horology.

Jag har faktiskt ingen extra input.
Ni vet att jag anser att det är bättre att ha en dyr klocka än en dyr bil, eller dyrare klocka än bil.
Och det borde säga en hel del.

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* Rätt så nyvaken ja 😉
* Jag vill verkligen ha custom skor i exotic leather.
Jordan 1or då såklart.
* Det var verkligen inga snygga hyllor, ett väldigt stelt rum
* Hans diamantskor såg smutsiga ut..
* Aaah Bape 1or skulle jag också vilja ha!

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Dagens Klocksamling : CRM Jewelers

* Tråkigt att alla förr seriösa youtubare nu ska vara ”roliga” vloggare som blir filmade ur flera vinklar.
Men intressant att se vad en klockhandlare själv äger för klockor i sin privata samling

* Jag trodde att han skulle ha MYCKET mer ”bling”

* Ja han har ju de modellerna som man ”ska ha”, eller ja de vanligaste lyxmodellerna.

* Det där var en riktigt tråkig Hublot…

* En YMII i stål är väldigt kaxigt eftersom den ser MYCKET billigare ut än vad den är, Den kostar ju ändå 167 000 kr.. för en stålklocka.
Men den ser också ut som den SVINDYRA i vit-guld / Platina som kostar 430 000 kr.
Men att säga att den är snyggare än en two-tone eller helguld.. glöm det!
En kaxig klocka att ha, absolut, och en two-tone är tyvärr bara inte tillräckligt snygg för ett pris på 225 000 kr.
Ja helt ärligt så tycker jag inte att den ens var tillräckligt snygg för att kosta 100 000 kr vilket jag hade möjligheten att köpa en för.
Ångrar jag mig idag att jag inte köpte den? Njaeae.. jag ångrar mer att jag sålde min i helguld.

* En ”diskret” dyr klocka är riktigt nice att ha, därför älskar jag min Corum.

* Oj vad tråkiga ”roliga” klipp…

* En Nautilus på gummi eller läderrem vore nice att ha till vardags om de bara vore större..
Men ska man ha en så ska man ha en med länk.

* En klocka i helguld är så jävla nice att ha.

Watch #1: AP Royal Oak Offshore Safari (retail price $26,000)

This is the first AP watch that I’ve ever owned, so it’s a special piece for me. It was a lot of money at the time I bought it. I have the bracelet, leather strap and deployant clasp to go along with it.

Watch #2: Rolex GMT II Batman (retail price $9,895)

The Rolex Batman or BLNR is a great part of my watch collection. I love this watch because when I don’t want to wear an overly expensive stainless piece, this is a watch I can rely on. As a result, I get a lot of use out of this Rolex Watch (especially since I take it frequently on vacations).

Watch #3: Hublot Big Bang (retail price $12,500)

This is a Hublot watch that I was more excited about in the past when I got it, but now it’s just like an old girlfriend. I usually keep it buried in my collection!

Watch #4: Yacht-Master II in Stainless Steel (retail price $18,750)

I like the Yacht-Master II better than the old gold and two tone versions. It’s one of the watches that I use the most when I’m out on the boat or just chilling with jeans, etc.

Watch #5: AP ROO Carbon (retail price $36,900)

This watch is not the most expensive or the most flashy, but it’s probably one of my favorite watches in my collection. I guess it’s because I can wear the watch in stealth mode and many non-collectors won’t even notice it. It’s crazy also that a forged carbon watch like this is so expensive!

Watch #6: Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 104 (retail price $7,000)

This watch is special to me because it was a gift from my father. Thanks to my father and uncle I got into watch collecting. I love my Panerai.

Watch #7: Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726 in Stainless Steel (retail price $39,500)

This is one of my heavy hitters. I like this Patek Philippe watch because it’s on a strap, so I can use it either wear it in a formal or semi-casual setting. It’s a beautiful watch, one of my favorite. This is the thickest Nautilus Patek Philippe makes outside of the chronograph line.

Watch #8: Rolex Submariner Black Dial (retail price $8,550)

I don’t think a watch collecting is complete without a Submariner. I don’t wear it as much as I used to (since I’ve been wearing the Batman a lot more often), but this is a watch that any collector has to have.

Watch #9: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chrono in (retail price $54,900)

This is definitely one of my heavy hitters. I actually sold my yellow gold Rolex Day-Date II to partially fund the purchase of this all gold AP RO Chrono. If you want attention without overdoing this, this is a great watch to add to your collection.

Watch #10: Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980 in Rose Gold on a Leather Strap (retail price $59,500)

This is the current pinnacle of my collection, my Grail Watch! Even though I like the gold one on the bracelet, I like this one a lot more on the leather strap. Even though I don’t get to wear it as much, this is definitely the favorite watch in my collection.




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